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Areas of Natural Beauty in Lemnos

Jun 25, 2014

Katsaitis waterfalls

Near a seemingly arid landscape, despite its sources hardly wait to see waterfalls. Yet! On the western side of the island, after Ai - John, Cappel one that the island is desert, and even though the road stops. Specifically, even in summer the almost non-existent vegetation hides very well the secret area. Walking between estates, in small altitude and rocky path we find a waterfall. The raging water and gurgle of sound enhance the visitor's view that Lemnos features images of all kinds.

Pachies Ammoudies (Dunes)

The phenomenon of the dune, is high hills formed from sand, is frequent in Lemnos. In several cases, they have created impressive formations, culminating dunes Gomati. The feeling that overwhelms the visitor that is passed through a portal of "spacetime" and suddenly found himself in another place, for example in a desert of Egypt, which intensifies the feeling and the relative vegetation. The striking fact is that this landscape is observed on an island and not only inland, but also beaches, just before the wave! If you are fond of photography and adventure, with the dunes will amaze you.

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